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A famous frog in our industry once sang that “it’s not easy being green.” Happily, he’d be revising that tune in beautiful British Columbia.

We at Martini Film Studios are changing that tune as well, making it easier for our operations and all of our productions to contribute to a cleaner, greener environment for all. As a part and partner of the Creative BC and province-wide green initiatives, we continuously work in the promotion of programs which provide opportunities for productions to lighten their environmental footprint. Every bit counts. From energy conservation to promoting less use of plastics and waste, it is Martini Film Studios mission to continue building upon its literal foundation as a green partner. Our Studios were constructed with a green consciousness, incorporating technologies such as action sensitive LED lighting, energy saving heating and cooling zones and paperless hand dryers. Our operations provide options for all recycling, compost and programs to mitigate food waste.

Together with our partners, we will continue to educate and acquire new and innovative, sustainable practices, technologies and paths to making the experience at Martini Film Stuiods a friend to our industry, our community and our environment.